Sabrina Guinness

Sabrina founded YCTV in the 1990s, a highly successful youth culture, content, and training programme. Her protégés of formerly disadvantaged young people have gone on to dominate in the broadcast industry. Today, Sabrina is a cross-class senior superconnector.


Civic Futures is an experiment in collective leadership and learning which has brought together a vibrant mixture of activists, artists, funders, curators, educators, organisers, connectors, technologists, carers, archivists, and more from across London's civil society.


Shonnee is a Social Media Maven who specialises in self-care for carers, and is a TikTok sensation with 101 ways to self-care.  She is an advocate for parents participating with their children in social media, creating content together, remaining present and visible in their social reality.

Jamanhi Henry

Jamanhi specialises in youth inclusion and cross-curricula consulting in West London.  He has extensive experience in working inside and with schools to help hard-to-reach children, living in difficult environments, to find their confidence and path to success.

Reina Mansour

Cross-cultural superconnector and events organiser.

Sabrina Nelson

Sabrina is a West London street leader, core community connector, and outreach coordinator specialising in parent-led projects.

westway trust

The WestWay Trust arts and cultural programme supports the celebration of local heritage and the creation of contemporary culture: from festivals and participatory projects to new artistic work and events that reflect the identities and future aspirations of our communities.

Suzanne Rose Onadeko

Suzanne is a writer, speaker, and educator; she is motivated by the processes and principles of transformation in individual lives.

Bishopsgate institute

Bishopsgate Institute is a cultural icon in the City of London.  They believe everyone’s history should be valued; their special collections and archives document the experiences of everyday life, as well as the people who have campaigned for social, political and cultural change.

Nour-eddine Aboudihaj

Winner of a 2024 Community Champion award, Nour is CEO and the force behind the Grenfell Tower Trust.

chelsea theatre

Located in the Worlds End estate, the newly refurbished Chelsea Theatre is a contemporary performance space and community hub which strives to combine artistic excellence with community participation.

natalie de silva

A Fellow of the Chartered College of Teaching, and the CEO of Age UK Wandsworth, Natalie is an experienced senior education consultant who has taught in and led a variety of urban schools over two decades.

anthony redman-thomas

Anthony is a versatile broadcaster with 20+ yrs experience across a range of disciplines. He as worked as an editor, colourist, or camera operator on music promos, short films, documentaries, trailers, magazine-style programmes, dramas, adverts and feature films.


Through a combination of home-schooling and extensive community arts and sports initiatives, Sophia has managed her three talented children to early success.  She takes an educated approach to keep children focused on their personal talents and strengths, and maximises cross-cultural confidence.  She believes that exposing children to diverse environments and people is key to building self-confidence and communication skills.

kensington & chelsea
social council

Working to strengthen and promote local voluntary and community organisations, and the communities they work with.