jc kamau

staff videographer
Creative Content Producer & Workshop Leader


JC is an all-around creative content producer; in his varied career, he has been a radio presenter, actor, writer, curator, director, and poet.   He created videos and provided extensive evidencing work for the Kensington Narrators project.

In his one-man comedy play 'The Mental Retreat,' JC performed at multiple venues from 2012-14, and then acted in 'Meet The Neighbors' in 2016.  He was invited to write and perform an original monologue as part of the August 2013 Martin Luther King tribute programme at the Victoria & Albert Museum.

In 2011, JC curated the photography exhibition "Traveling Without Moving" at the Portobello Art Gallery, about which he also made a short film.  From 2014-2016 he volunteered as a presenter for Chelsea & Westminister Hospital Radio, and since 2016 he's been presenting his own weekly show "The Eclectic Sports Selection" from 3-5pm Mondays on FlavaRadio.

JC's poetry has been performed at multiple venues in London; he is the author of a book of poetry & photography entitled Mosaic Merkaba.

We all have a gift;
we all have a passion -
it's just about finding it
and going into it.
 Being an asset to your family and community.  
-Angela Bassett